Reciprocating compressor


Centrif is one of the major suppliers for all Reciprocating compressor parts that include but not limited to the below:

  • Consumables (Rider band, Piston ring, Valves, Gaskets, Rings, scrapper etc)
  • Gas end spares (Crosshead, crosshead shoe, liner, piston nut, packing etc)
  • Crank end spares (Connecting rod, bearings, lube oil pump etc)
  • Capital spares (Crankshaft, frame, cooling water pump, cylinder, distance piece, flywheel, piston, piston rod etc)

Centrif have supplied all types of spares and provided services to major operators including high critical services from installation to commissioning.

Complete services right from Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Testing, Field Services, Spare part supply, Troubleshooting, Retrofitting, Reliability Improvement Programs, Reverse engineering (Re-engineering), Installation, Commissioning and Training is provided.